Welcome to Senior Horsemanship



Welcome to Senior Horsemanship! It’s where we share information about better horsemanship in our senior years and how to work for more senior years with horses.

Welcome to Senior Horsemanship

Welcome to the Senior Horsemanship Community

Welcome to Senior Horsemanship. This is about better horsemanship during our senior years and more senior years with horses. I’m your host, Paul Sherland. 

What’s Senior Horsemanship? It’s about three goals. The first goal is to share information about better horsemanship. Now, this involves using the wisdom and experience of our senior years to evaluate various options for training and riding and horse care. 

We are all individuals, and our horses are individuals, and our relationships with our horses are unique. We can share information about our experiences to help us all experiment to find better horsemanship options for ourselves and our horses.

The second goal is about building a longer horse span. What’s that? Well, we all know what a lifespan is, and a longer lifespan is a desirable goal. In his book Outlive, Dr. Peter Attia talks about healthspan as the period of years during which we have quality of life. He talks about ways to increase the healthspan within our lifespans.

Most of us have had loved ones who lived for years with cognitive or physical disabilities that rob them of quality of life. I think most of us would like our health spans to be very close to our lifespans. With senior horsemanship, we’ll be talking about ways to increase the period of years during which we are physically and mentally capable of working with and caring for horses.

I would like my horse span to be very close to my lifespan. I’m sure you would too. We will be talking about ways to make that more likely. 

The third goal is about preparing and planning for after us. This is about more than doing estate planning to ensure that our horses are cared for after us. It’s about doing the training that our horses need to be as successful as possible in a life after us. 

If you have children, I’m sure that you’ve done all you can to help them prepare for success and happiness as adults. We have an obligation to our horses to prepare them for the possibility that they will be welcomed by new owners in new homes if we have to part with them.

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